ABOUT Nathan

Poet, Preacher, Painter

Singer-songwriter and visual artist Nathan Jey Tingle's music is a rich tapestry of folk and contemporary pop music, sometimes  infused with ambient and world-beat influences. Nathan's upcoming EP, Where Love & Mystery Meet, is a continuation of his journey to relay deep, spiritual themes of faith, hope and love based upon his study of sacred Scripture. "I've always prayed that my music and art would serve as a healing balm to hurting people and point them to the truth of who God really is."

Raised in the upstate of South Carolina, Nathan became a music fan at an early age and was highly influenced by the great hymns of faith he grew up singing in church. "I loved playing records from as far back as I can remember. Those early Andrae Crouch, Randy Stonehill and Phil Keaggy records  definitely had an impact on me and helped shape the kind of songs I'm making today...as well as all the songs we sang every week at church."  

Over the years, Nathan has recorded several indie projects,  and has toured across the United States, playing venues diverse as coffee houses and church youth retreats to prisons and nursing homes. Besides writing and recording music, Nathan also shares a passion in creating mixed media art. Nathan is currently a worship leader at a church in Tennessee where he lives with his wife and daughters and is also a songwriter with Platinum Planet Records in Nashville, TN.